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The T•BALL USA Association is the national not-for-profit youth sports organization dedicated to the development of the game of tee ball. It offers a broad variety of programs and services and is the center for information on how to improve existing tee ball programs and establish new ones. Working with national, regional and local youth baseball leagues, civic or community groups, parents and kids, it is the basic source for tee ball advice and assistance.

Organizations supported include YMCAs, Park & Recreation Departments, Boys & Girls Clubs, Little League, PONY, Babe Ruth and other youth baseball leagues, U.S. military bases and many independent, non-aligned local (often, parent-established and administered) programs. The Association provides printed materials and arranges events, including tee ball team attendance at Major and Minor League Baseball games and participation at the MLB All-Star Game FanFests. The T•BALL USA logo identifies the projects and programs created to support the national tee ball constituency and marks licensed and approved products, corporate sponsorships and appropriate alliances. The Association is a National member of USA Baseball; its principal officers are members of the National Council of Youth Sports.

The Baffled Parents' Guide to Coaching Tee Ball by Bing Broido (Published by McGraw-Hill) is the definitive resource for information about the sport.

Information Center
Visit this section to view valuable material on the fundamentals of tee ball; such as: rules, the playing field, information for parents, coaches and administrators, and more. Also, if you are part of an organized tee ball league, take a moment to tell us about your program and include any comments or questions.
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On behalf of baseball players worldwide, we wanted to wish you all the best with your tee ball season. TeeBall has long been a partner of the IBAF and we always remind people that the basics of the game, from youth baseball through the Majors, never change and usually start with hitting every day off a tee. As you may know, we are currently working to grow the game globally and to get baseball back on to the Olympic programme. We encourage everyone to visit our website, www.ibaf.org, as well as our Facebook page to find out the latest info.

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